Film & Television: (Representative List)

STAR TREK Principal Justin Lin
A TIME TO DANCE Lead Mike Rohl
STRANGER IN THE HOUSE Supporting Lead Allan Harmon
WARCRAFT Actor/Stunts Duncan Jones
ALL YOURS Lead Hallmark/Monika Mitchell
CRADLE OF LIES Supporting Lead Lifetime/David Winning
DESCENDANTS Supporting Lead Nickelodeon/Kenny Ortega
BURIED SECRETS Lead Lifetime/Monika Mitchell
AURORA TEAGARDEN: A BONE TO PICK Supporting Hallmark/Martin Wood
THE OUT-LAWS (Short) Lead Shannon Kohli
ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND Large Principal ABC/Billy Gierhart
SUPERNATURAL Large Principal CW/Robert Singer
ARCTIC AIR Guest Star CBC/OMNI/Gary Harvey
THE HUNTERS Lead Hallmark/Nisha Ganatra
NO CLUE Lead Carl Bessai/Brent Butt
PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD Guest Star (2 Eps) Omni/Space/Amanda Tapping
A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE Lead NGN Christmas Productions/Terry Ingram
THE HAUNTING HOUR Guest Star The Hub Network/Ken Friss
HIDING Lead Dolphin Entertainment/Thomas J. Wright
DIVINE Series Lead Web Series/Ivan Hayden
HEALTH NUTZ Guest Star (3 Eps) APTN/Jason Bourque/Carl Bessai
FAIRLY LEGAL Guest Star USA/Tricia Brock
A FAMILY THANKSGIVING Lead Hallmark/Neill Fearnley
A CHRISTMAS STORY TOO Principal Warner Premiere/Brian Levant
THE HAUNTING HOUR (2 Episodes) Principal The Hub/Various
SANCTUARY Principal SciFi/Martin Wood
TOWER PREP Recurring Cartoon Network/Various
HUMAN TARGET Principal FOX/Steve Boyum
CABIN IN THE WOODS Principal MGM/Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard
BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Principal USA/SciFi/Michael Rymer
ICARUS Principal Lifetime/Insight/Dolph Lundgren
WATCHMEN Principal Warner Bros./Zack Snyder
MULLIGANS Lead Border2Border Ent./Chip Hale
THE SECRET LIVES OF SECOND WIVES Lead Lifetime/Insight/George Mendeluk
ALICE, I THINK Series Lead CTV/Comedy Network/Gary Harvey
ROBSON ARMS Principal CTV/Tony Dean Smith
SAVED Principal TNT/Stephen Kay
WHISTLER Principal CTV/Grant Harvey
JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE Principal 20 TH Century Fox/Betty Thomas
TRUTH (MOW) Principal Regent/Shavick Insight/Tim Bond
DEAD LIKE ME Guest Lead MGM/Showtime/Mike Fresco
JUST CAUSE Guest Lead PAX TV/Holly Dale
THE MUPPETS WIZARD OF OZ Principal Kirk Thatcher
PRYOR OFFENSES Principal Adam Bernstein
STARGATE ATLANTIS Recurring Principal Showtime/Various
STARGATE SG1 Recurring Principal Showtime/Various
THE CHRIS ISAAK SHOW Principal Showtime/Kevin Inch
THE L WORD Principal Showtime/Rose Troche
A SCREWBALL HOMICIDE Principal Lifetime/Dennis Dugan
SMALLVILLE Principal WBN/Bryan C. Knight
*APART Lead Thomas Almagren
*THE GARDEN Lead Carlos Guillermo Cicchelli
A VERY MUPPET CHRISTMAS Principal Jim Henson Co./NBC/Kirk Thatcher
THE SNOW QUEEN Principal David Wu
* United Kingdom and abroad



Credits available on request


Training/Special Skills/Recognition

Larry Moss Intensive Workshop (2 years)
Advanced Scene Study – Gina Chiarelli
Advanced Film Study/Meisner Technique – Christianne Hirt
The Business of Show Business, On Camera Commercials, TV, Sitcom, Soap Operas and Film Acting seminars – Tom Logan


Related Experience

Motion Capture (facial and body recording), Club Med Cabaret Shows (3 yrs),
Modeling (extensive photo commercial work), Stand-up Comedy


All Sports

Volleyball (professional) Basketball Baseball
Football Track & Field Hockey
Rugby(Semi-Pro Australia) Swimming Boxing
Horseback Riding Motorcycle Skiing
Snowboarding and many others


Languages & Dialects

Speaks fluent French