Stargate and Alice I Think


Interviewer Claudia-Janet Kaller

Sorry for this question Dan, but your part as Lt. Reed on STARGATE: ATLANTIS was with first role on one of those shows without a mask, full body costume or massive make-up right?

Actually no! For those who follow Stargate:SG-1 and Atlantis closely they may have seen the others. I played a Jaffa Commander who was gunned down just after calling his warriors to battle, and Jaffa #1 to Chur’ak who was gunned down just after giving Teal’c a bit of a beating, and I believe an SF that detained a very young Colonel O’Neil from entering the boardroom. As well as a few Jaffa stunt days here and there!! I also played the Ashrak but you could only see my jaw-line!!

Playing all these mean warriors on the show, which one is your favorite? The Kull Warrior or the Wraith Warrior?

I have to go with the Kull Warrior because who doesn’t like that cod piece!!! Truthfully I did enjoy the Kull Warrior more because of all the mischief I got into – shot, blown-up, buried alive, dissected, burned – to name a few!

Which costume was itchier? Or heavier? Or warmer?

Both costumes had their up and downs, but the most difficult part of each was going to the bathroom! The second most difficult part was vision. I was relatively blind in both!! The Kull Warrior costume was the warmer and heavier of the two as well as far taller which meant more head banging

Do the fans on the Gatecon know that you are the good looking man behind these awful masks? What is the reaction of them so far?

The fans are awesome! They are super supportive and very kind about me getting my mug on camera without a mask! I would love to play a regular recurring character on either one of these amazing shows!

You look pretty tall to me, how tall are you? (I need metres! Central Europeans stand on the feet!) Is that a disadvantage or?

I am 196cm… I think! (6’4”) and I think it sets me apart. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is up to those interpreting it! For me, I love it!

ALICE I THINK you new TV series is a comedy. What is it about?

It is a family comedy about a young girl re-entering society after a 10 year absence due to her parents home schooling her. She is a crazy dressing misfit who struggles with growing up in the real world from a wacky home life.

Who is John? How is he connected to Alice? How would you describe John to the readers?

John is the name of my character who is the father on the show. He and Alice (his daughter) are cut from the same cloth. They both are a little absent minded but big hearted.

I would say John is a free-spirited and fun loving, if somewhat ineffective parent, who suffers from a sever case of wanderlust. In essence a dreamer! (one who stills thinks his band the Hoar Hounds have a shot at success!

After all these warrior guys you now play comedy, how difficult is the change? What do you like more? Action or comedy?

I love both action and comedy! From a purely physical standpoint, I think I am built for action but my heart lies with comedy! I love to work. Any chance I get to explore life is a great thing. Whether it is action, comedy or drama – I am ready!

What will you do next? Any surprises in sight?

My only plan is to keep pursuing this career with the passion and desire and hope that it bring continued success. Quite simply, I love what I do and hope to spend my life doing it!